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Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability

Celebration Cheeses has joined the movement for a better world and is proud to be continually making positive changes to our day to day practices and materials.

  • We use sustainable wool liners to insulate our chilled parcels. We would love our customers to use them again!
  • We have changed our plastic carrier bags for paper.
  • Over 70% of our cheeses are wax covered rather that plastic. Melt the wax down and get creative with the children or use as a fire starter when camping or using a fire pit. The oil in the wax will help sustain a flame.
  • Apart from shipping labels, we very rarely need to press print.
  • We are moving to a single NFC business card which provides customers, suppliers and collaborators with all of our web and social media details with one tap on a smart phone. No more printing of 100's of paper business cards!
  • We exclusively use DPD for our shipping services. Not only are they the most efficient service available but also have a Carbon Neutral Commitment. Read more