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Celebration Cheeses

Cherry Cheese & Fruit Loaf Celebration Cake - serves 40-50


All of our celebration cake prices include:-

-Decorations as shown or can be re-designed to suit your theme

-Deliver and build service on the day (location depending, please speak to us)

-Base option: tree slice | mirrored plate | slate board

Cherry is proudly the first in the collection to boast a delicious fruit cake layer to accompany your cheese. If you still love a little bit of sweet with your savoury then this attractive design will suit any occasion. Don't forget we can add festive decorations and she will grace your Christmas table perfectly.

Rutland Red Leicester - Rutland Red is buttered, cloth-bound and matured for six months to produce a flaky, open texture cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour and rich golden orange colour.

Fruit Cake - Freshly made with made with candied and dried fruit, nuts, and spices, and soaked in spirits.

Coverdale Plain - Made at Kirby Malzard near Ripon, this unique cheese is smoother than a Wensleydale and has a sharper flavour. Perfect if you like a smoother cheese with a bit more bite.

The Truffler - An earthy character that will surprise and excite you with the wild truffle tone that comes through. The truffle is subtle and does not over power this mould ripened cheese, yet adds some thing very special to the flavour.

Toppings/embellishments may vary slightly according to availability

Cherry Cheese & Fruit Loaf Celebration Cake - serves 40-50