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Celebration Cheeses

Kidderton Ash Goats Cheese 150g


Kidderton Ash is a silky-smooth goats cheese made with milk from our herd. Each cheese is coated and matured with ash for a distinctive finish that is furry and speckled. Kidderton Ash is a bright white cheese shaped like a log that only gets creamier with each day.

Made with passion and enthusiasm in our family dairy using traditional handmade methods, it is crafted in open vats, then poured into individual moulds, turned by hand and matured under the watchful eyes of our cheese experts.

Kidderton Ash is a spectacle of contrast in colour, texture and taste. It’s unbelievable when sliced thinly, placed on black charcoal crackers with a slither of ripe fig. A great cheese for making canapés that are a cut above or just a super indulgent snack.

Pasteurised - yes

Milk type - goats

Vegetarian - yes

Made in - Cheshire

Kidderton Ash Goats Cheese 150g