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Celebration Cheeses

Seggiano Artisan Tagliatelle (Gluten Free) 250g


Life’s too short for eating gluten free pasta with a dull flavour and stodgy consistency. That’s why we’re stoked to bring you this organic product which boasts great flavour AND texture!

By crafting the pasta in the artisan tradition of bronze forming and then slow drying at low temperatures, Seggiano have delivered this ground-breaking pasta. The flavour and consistency is worthy of a gourmet gluten free meal for all the family.

Quinoa is one of the most popular gluten free seeds and makes a great wheat alternative. We love the healthy feel of this meal.

We enjoy this pasta with simply just a drizzle of excellent extra virgin olive oil.

100% dairy free.

Certified Organic.

Seggiano Artisan Tagliatelle (Gluten Free) 250g