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Celebration Cheeses

Sylvania Cheese Celebration Cake - serves 40-45


All of our celebration cake prices include:-

-Decorations as shown or can be re-designed to suit your theme

-Deliver and build service on the day (location depending, please speak to us)

-Base option: tree slice | mirrored plate | slate board

Sylvania, meaning "from the forest" this cheese cake is hand decorated with a rustic style. Placed on an authentic wooden tree trunk base, the cheese selection includes........ 

Cornish Garlic Yarg - Coated in edible garlic leaves, and handmade on the Dutchy of Cornwall's estate, this semi hard cheese is matured for at least six weeks. 

Colston Bassett - The wrinkly rind is slightly sticky, orange-brown in colour, speckled with patches of white mould. Flavour-wise, Colston Bassett Stilton is earthy and lactic, balanced by the richness of blue mould and butter. When young, it tends to be slightly tangy, but this will disappear as the cheese matures.

Coverdale Plain - Made at Kirby Malzard near Ripon, this unique cheese is smoother than a Wensleydale and has a sharper flavour. Perfect if you like a smoother cheese with a bit more bite.

Shepherds Purse Bluemin White - Matured in a ripening room to develop a blue rind, this melt in the mouth cheese has a creamy texture and mature flavours for a real ooze.

Toppings/embellishments may vary slightly according to availability

Sylvania Cheese Celebration Cake - serves 40-45